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Sanguinello - Blood Orange Pale Ale

  • $7.00

We all knew that person in our young and impressionable years who was cooler than cool. They were a little edgy, were the first to drive and had a cool name like “Danger”. As you peddled your 10 speed through town in your helmet and back pack, they’d drive by, deep tracks and b-sides pouring out of their classic roadster. You could only imagine where they were heading: a great out of town party, to jam with their band or maybe just to chill. You wanted to chill, but how does that even start? After homework? Before dinner? In your best friend’s childhood wallpapered bedroom? No, definitely not. You could ask the super cool, but how stupid would that sound? “Excise me sir...” No. “Excuse me, Mr. Danger...” No. They were unapproachable.

In the world of citrus, blood oranges are like that person. Most oranges go by the name of “orange”, “common” or “navel” (snicker) - this one goes by “Blood”. Most oranges are used for juice and in jello molds. Blood oranges are used in specialty drinks and culinary masterpieces. You don’t throw a blood orange in a brown bag to peel at lunch, it’s too special for that. So, when we tried one of our favorite local brewer’s (Great South Bay Brewery) Blood Orange Ale, we knew we had to bring its specialness to you in soap form.

As mentioned, Sanguinello is made with beer. Beer is excellent for your skin and hair, and also adds extra head to your lather. Obviously, this bar has the uplifting, citrusy smell of blood oranges - imagine a bright spring day, sitting in a field of new green, oranges and raspberries in one hand, and grapefruit and orange blossoms, held a little further away, in the other. It smells amazing, looks great, is approachable and, if chilling is what you want to do, this soap will show you how.

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