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Sundae Neapolitan

  • $7.50

This soap is a throwback to simpler times. Times when you could hop on your bike with nothing but a pocketful of change and a penchant for exploration and be good for the day: no cell phones, no responsibilities and no worries.

You wake up and holler through the house, "Hey mom, I'm going for a bike ride."
You hear a faint go ahead, "Be back for dinner."

Some days the road would lead further out in the country to explore old schoolhouses and raid roadside raspberry bushes. Other days the trail would be the highway shoulder into town for a couple games of Dig Dug, a vanilla-coke from the local soda fountain, lunch mooched from a friend or relative and pockets full of penny candy. My personal favorite: Brach's Neapolitan Sundae.

Like the candy, this soap is layered deliciousness: strawberry, coconut and chocolate. Unlike the candy, this soap is great for your skin, a great conditioner and good cleanser.

Sadly, Brach's discontinued production of the Neapolitan Sundae in 2012 and, similarly, our production of this soap is limited so act fast before it disappears forever....