Tempest, Bar.Soap. - What.The.Soap.


  • $7.00

As its name implies, this soap was inspired by a storm. Her energy was awesome, bringing fresh & salt water, beach & tide and sea & sky together as one. The storm didn’t have a name but as she rolled across the bay, we concluded she at least deserved a soap.

To represent the storm’s manipulation of gravity, lines and natural boundaries, the soap is colored in turbulent hues of green, gray, brown and blue. 

Similarly, we created a captivating scent to mimic the storm’s mixing of elements and pure energy. It carries a salty undertone on a fresh but windswept sweetness as tidal dark notes crash onto beachy aromatics. It lathers as you’d expect: big and foamy. 

As summer storms blast onto the scene and are gone forever, so will this limited release bar, get yours now. 

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