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The Coffee Bar

  • $7.00

Is coffee the oxygen mask you strap on before helping others? Have you ever asked the barista, “Is a child not worth more than a cup of coffee?”, upon noticing you left your wallet at home? Do you like being a productive member of society? If so, then have we got a soap for you.

Obviously, coffee isn’t a fundamental requirement, but I’d rather have a cup than hate everybody, every morning, forever. That said, we all have those in between moments (e.g., between bed and coffee maker) when that little extra boost means everyone gets out of the house safely. For those days (or any day), we bring you The Coffee Bar.

This is an all purpose soap with the smooth invigorating aroma of fine freshly ground Arabica. Energized with exfoliating ground coffee beans and tempered with cream for a rich full lather, next to the real thing, The Coffee Bar is the best way to douse the sunrise with.


Ingredients: Oils: Olive, Rice Bran, Coconut, Sunflower. Cream, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Ground Coffee

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