The Native American Herbalist's Bible - 4 books in 1!

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By Maya Davis

The Complete Native American Herbalist Remedies Encyclopedia.

Are harsh artificial medicines stripping your body of its vitality?

In the western world, more people are now addicted to “medicines” than ever before - and suffering harmful effects from these very drugs that were meant to help them.

In fact, we’re being encouraged to use artificial chemicals to treat almost everything - even our children are being medicated just for being energetic.

But it doesn't have to be this way…

Long before Europeans arrived in America, generations of Native American’s learned the secrets of natural healing and were able to use the power of plants to maintain good health and create explosive levels of energy and vitality - rarely seen today.

Best selling author and herbalist Maya Davis has transcribed the ancient teaching of Native American herbalism in one powerful comprehensive bundleNative American Herbalist's Bible includes her trusted encyclopedia and dispensary to help YOU unlock the benefits of 1,000s of years of forgotten natural health wisdom.

What you’ll learn inside:

★ The spiritual history – You will learn to appreciate the spirituality used by Native Americans in your own practise.( pag 8)

★ Herbalism 101 – Learn how to source, prepare, dry, and store your herbs. ( learn more about it on page 47)

★ 87+ Native American plant profiles – Discover how to identify them with traditional illustrations and how to make effective usage of their hidden powers.(pag 86-with secret tips from the best herbalists-)

★ 37 Common ailments - Learn to heal 37 of the most common ailments, with positive healing that promotes the full experience of wellbeing.(pag 95)

★ Precise guidance on use – Uncover the precise uses, dosages, and benefits of each tincture, oil and remedy to maintain the perfect healthy balance.(pag 112-you won’t find that easily in other publications!)

 Modern warnings - Updated with important advice on how these remedies might interact with any western medicine, to always keep you and your loved ones healthy and safe.(read all about it on page 198)

150+ tried and tested amazing healing recipes carefully selected for you by the best herbalists( pag 209)

It is time to take control of your health and stop relying on artificial chemicals to treat your ills.

Grab a copy today and give your body the gift of true vitality and wellbeing.