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Violet Timbre

  • $7.00

Naming a soap can be hard. Sometimes fun fits, but there are other times when it distracts. A play on words can be great but overly punny isn’t funny. Too simple and it can be overlooked; too complicated and people don’t connect to it. So here it is, a seriously nice soap with a seriously nice fragrance - Violet and Sandalwood. One that deserves a seriously nice name.

Violet had to be part of it as this soap carries the full breadth of the word - deep, fore longing, flirty but true, sweet without being sugary and floral but not flowery.

Timbre - a play on words because it represents the sandalWOOD (timber) component. Soft yet forward, woody, exotic, comfortable, spicy, earthy...

Then again, it’s more than just a play on words as these two scents together produce a new, higher quality fragrance beyond themselves. It crosses the line from artisan to art...and the soap goes on from there.

In the end, the name Violet Timbre is simple and a little complicated and in that way is a good representation of the soap.

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