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From Virgins on Fire Candle Co. this 6 ounce 100% Soy Candle is Handmade in Brooklyn, NY using only the safest fragrances sourced from socially responsible suppliers.

25-30 hours burn time. Phthalate-free fragrances.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Virgins on Fire is a gay-owned handmade candle company founded on the principle of harnessing creative potential, taking an unrealized vision of yourself, and igniting it. Oh, and they're funny, too. Insta: @virginsonfirecandleco

  • Hangover Hayride - Spiced Pumpkin Rum cake is all you need to get through this doozy.
  • Santa's First Wife - Santa has a past, and Mrs. Claus is spillin' the nog. Pour her a glass of brandy and pull up a chair for wintery prenuptial tales.
  • Angelic Park Ranger - Like taking a nature walk with an angelic park ranger who gave you way too many maps. Floral but on the earthier side.
  • Pine Barrens - Strong natural scent of woodland pine and the great outdoors.
  • Bikini Wax - Bikini Wax is a delightfully smooth and savory mango and coconut milk blend. Clean and natural unlike other sugary, more synthetic tropical blends.
  • Heavily Tattooed Bartender - Whiskey top notes with musky undertone reminiscent of your friendly neighborhood bartender.
  • We're Going to The Catskills - The most perfect cypress & gin blend there ever was. With this candle you're in the Catskills, far, far away from the people & things that drove you there.
  • Green Sunday - Powered by a patented olfactory technology, this fragrance oil captures and eliminates bad odors and leaves behind a clean, fresh linen scent. After church, of course.
  • There Is Definitely Someone Hiding Behind the Shower Curtain - Fresh, odor eliminating scent, with a hint of lemon. Perfect for bathrooms, laundry rooms, nurseries, or anywhere you need a little clean air. Prefer lemon free? Try Clean White Tee. pairs great in gift sets with Seedy Roadside Motel.
  • F*ck It I'm Buying a Cabin - Smoked honey & cedar reminiscent of dropping it all and running for the woods.
  • Devastating Shame Spiral of Self Doubt and Insecurity - Fragrant elements of white sage and lavender.
  • Seedy Roadside Motel - We got tobacco, cognac, jacuzzi tubs, free HBO, air conditioning and cleaned every spot top to bottom just last decade. Musky, and earthy -- quite pleasant -- this is the perfect mood for those tired of typical candle scents.
  • Among The Wildflowers - Somewhere you feel free. Floral, fresh, and varied. Can serve as both a romantic backdrop, and a clean scent for any part of the home.
  • Dark Void Filled Only by Plants - No amount of prescription pills can fix this, only the carbon dioxide pumping from Nellie, your FernGully ride or die.
  • Excited to Climb the Corporate Ladder then Die - Ozone, green leaves, and delusions of grandeur, this ever so slightly floral clean scent is reminiscent of sitting at home watching the Monday morning rain, because you're never going to the office ever again, and that's okay.
  • Flirty Weed Guy - You have no idea when he last showered, but he's cute so whatever. Powered by a patented olfactory technology, this fragrance oil captures and eliminates bad odors and leaves behind a clean, fresh linen and lavender scent.
  • Foreclosed Gingerbread House - Blame the muffin man for this gingerbread holiday scent.
  • Fuck Your Office Perks, Pay Me - A bright and slightly citrusy scent - this one fills the air with the sense you're getting a huge bonus - the proceeds from the sale of the ping pong table, originally purchased to lure gullible entry level 20-somethings afraid of salary negotiation, but keen on the illusion of co-workers as friends.
  • Lesbians and Taco Trucks - Rosie and Carla love nothing more than a margarita fueled jaunt downtown for their favorite soft-shelled snack.
  • Mansplaining the Grill - This citronella candle is designed to keep the bugs at bay. Keep out of direct sunlight unless in use (it'll melt, silly goose!) Waterproof labels for maximum durability.
  • This is Stupid, I’m Retiring - I don't care how old they are, you know someone who needs this. A red sangria scented kick in the pants to head somewhere warm and welcoming.