Lavendar Vanilla

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Life is sometimes tough, always busy and never exactly how you planned it, but that’s ok. We make it through the rough patches, find ways to navigate our responsibilities and still maintain a generally happy demeanor.

How does it happen? Moments. Small happy moments on a race track of in-betweens keep us grounded, hopeful and smiling. We don’t expect these moments, but we need them and sometimes we need to seek them out. If it’s not already, the shower or bath should be one of those moments.

To help, W.T.S. created Lavender Vanilla. Creating and aura of relaxation, the lavender eases you down and the vanilla wraps you in warm embrace. Whether it’s at the start of a busy day or the end of a long one, this soap is like hitting the reset button. Take your time and enjoy, you deserve it. 

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