The Bootlegger

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Scented with the bold and rebellious aromas of tobacco and vanilla, experience the thrill of the Prohibition era with The Bootlegger. Unlike other soaps that are too boring to even write about, this soap will make you feel like a 1920s gangster, ready to take on the world and smell good doing it. The smoky, earthy scent of tobacco will give you a hint of danger, while the rich, sweet vanilla will keep you smelling and looking like a million bucks. It's the perfect soap for anyone who wants to add a touch of attitude to their daily shower routine. Plus, it's handmade with 100% plant-derived oils, so you can feel good about using it on your tough, rugged skin. So why settle for dull, generic soap when you can lather up with our tobacco and vanilla soap and feel like a boss? #Gangstalife

Smell like a rebel, lather like a gentleman.